Writing full-time has made me look in different ways at how I react to myself and my environment.  Health warning about all this writing I don’t think I was prepared for the introspection.  I have still socialised a lot but compared to spending most days with a group of other people (whether you speak the same language or not) is very different.  Saying that I wouldn’t change it!, having reading and writing as my main task is great!

One thing that has been a big part of how some of my days go is the music that accompanies me.  From relying on tunes I know accompany my work, to discovering artists new to me.  Thanks to the wonders of technology (Thanks Spotify) I have been able to enjoy and use music while writing.

The classics

Paul Weller– I think I only studied to him through my college and first few uni years

Morrissey– Accompanied my degree dissertation, I find great energy in the misery and honesty


Elbow– Somewhere between melancholy and full of life, Guy’s voice keeps you moving on

Biffy Clyro– Shout and swear as they Rock

New (to me)

Richard Hawley– beautiful floating sounds from the album Truelove’s Gutter

Nick Cave – in short bursts

Foals – upbeat, energising my mood, dance in your seat stuff (add Django Django here for the same reason if not new to me)


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