The new year has started in London with a bright sunny day and I could not resist a walk in the fresh air this morning.  Our home here is in surburbia and we have a small park just up the road but this leads to the pretty impressive Nonsuch Park.  I got my wellies from the van and headed out…wellies feel strange as you walk up a normal residential street but as I joined the many dog walkers they blended in just fine.

In between the small play park and the sprawling Nonsuch is a small wooded area like the wardrobe in Narnia, you climb through it and when you emerge you are in what feels like countryside, large expanses of grass and hedges, woods on all sides and the impressive mansion house in the middle.  There are many dog walkers and I may have looked like I had lost mine! I look at each dog and decide if I would like to own one like that, then I decide if on its current trajectory is it going to run into me, bite me or chase birds or squirrels around me.

I saw some fat squirrels today in the trees overhead and a Jay bird too.

Here are some pictures from Narnia, Sutton.


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