Today I travelled from Stara Zagora to Sofia in Bulgaria.  We (me and my husband Mark) had been to Plovdiv for a day trip and then to Stara Zagora where I had a meeting as part of my fieldwork on Tuesday.  We took the bus to make our journey, these have been big hot coaches, small freezing mini coaches with euro pop radio to today’s mini bus here is what occurred to me in between finishing The Golden Notebook– which is amazing by the way.


Credit for picture goes to Mark- Thanks!


When everyone boards the bus everyone sits still, up straight, tense almost, little noise or eye contact.  As the journey goes on the bus warms up and everyone melts a bit, relax into seats, conversation with strangers, music or books.  The men sat across the aisle from each other, legs spread out hands to hips, their bodies touch as they laugh and talk together.  Hats come off and hair stands up, so relaxed the cover is no longer needed.

That feeling when you are traveling, you look out, you see a wide plain, fields, and mountains in the distance, a church small and isolated in the mid-ground.  The world outside looks big and I feel small in comparison, floating along in the middle of it all.  I am reminded of this feeling of being free, safe and happy in this place with Mark but we’re in no actual place known to us.  I remember how lucky I am and those lyrics from There is a light that never goes out
I had to remember these thoughts, there the kind of thing I might have scribbled in a notebook so I didn’t forget them, today I just decided to write them here, they didn’t all happen in this order.  I enjoy these times when you are just in your head for a bit and not occupied except as you choose, I went back to my book.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts from a mini bus…

  1. Found this on Mark R.Milan’s blog. I sure can relate to that feeling of homelessness and displacement while traveling on a bus through strange country. It’s like you’re watching life from the point of view of a space traveler…

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