Its been an age!  Well in blogging terms anyway, in a midst of people and places to see and a mood not reflective or expressive enough, I’ve been absent.  But I am back and remembering why I like the things I had forgotten about.

Yesterday I was reminded of two things, how much I enjoy going to the hairdressers and how much I like being enlightened to blog about something.  So here are the two things together.

A trip to nouhau Salon

Its Christmas time so I always want to get my hair done, its part of getting in the Christmas spirit somehow.  Being in a Sofia it wasn’t convenient to pop to GM’s in East Dulwich as I normally would have and I got into this discussion with a new friend, Doni, in the Community Centre where I am often based.  Doni recommended her hairdresser at nouhau and even printed the map and got me the phone number!


When the time came I got my basic Bulgarian written down, practiced what to say and called the salon, but the number didn’t seen to work so with the wonders of the Internet I messaged them on Facebook.  I had a quick response and an appointment within the week.

I really like the interior design of the place, modern a bit industrial looking (my pictures don’t do it justice at all), white walls and ceilings reflect the light from the cool hanging lamps and subtle storage which also houses your tea and coffee options!  I was treated to a large glass of Earl Grey with my haircut, delicious!

The lights were really interesting, the wire from the ceiling is extra long and looks like it is knotted and hung to make a shade on the light too.  I couldn’t tell if it was one wire or two pieces added together, I want to make one though!


So I talked to my new stylist for the evening, Rusko, and explained what I was thinking of, he had a good amount of listening and checking ideas out too (once again I benefited from someone having excellent English) .  Almost my favourite part of having my hair done was the joy at a comfortable seat at the hair washing sink!  This is a total first for me, normally I start thinking about what kind of spinal cord damage I am doing while trying to enjoy the head massage.  Getting your hair washed is lovely and without concern for my neck it was even better.

There were various layers of protective clothing from a fabric neck thing (a bit like loo roll), the white robe and the black plastic shoulder holder and then I was ready!  There were plenty of products flowing, Label M brand who are part of Toni and Guy, my hair is not used to this and must have felt treated too.  I liked Rusko’s style of chatting while this didn’t get in the way of him concentrating on the cut.  He had a real attention to detail and the ‘blow dry’ was an art compared to the rough dry I normally do each morning.

The only thing that distracted me was the reflection of a modelling dummy head in the window behind me!  Spooky!


They also do some teaching here and if I wasn’t going home in a few weeks I might have inquired.


The experience was also helped by the music sound track, Pink Floyd while I was there.

And the best bit of this bit of luxury?  The final haircut of course, thanks Rusko I got exactly what I was thinking of…I call it Russian Doll.



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